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Saulat Ajmal

Saulat Ajmal is a visual artist, writer, curator and educationist. She went to Virginia Commonwealth University for her Masters of Fine Arts and Hunter College New York for a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a second one in Sociology. Her practice includes paintings, performances and installations that investigate the overlapping of social constructs with formal aspects of material and medium. Invoking ideas of history and fiction through an abstract lens. She is a core member of the “Pak Khawateen Painting Club” collective and a permanent faculty member of the National College of Arts Lahore.

Born and raised in Lahore Ajmal moved to the United States as a young adult. Ajmal uses fluidity to develop her visual vocabulary through borrowing freely from both Eastern and Western art historical narratives and traditions. Creating a language using color, patterns, gestures and fluid forms as symbols of both expression and suggestion she speaks to her own morphing reality. De-materializing the figure and reimagining the experience of the body is where her work moves beyond representation.

Creating suggestive form through gesture and color she incorporates a visceral sensibility into the works that can be felt and not just seen. Each work becoming its own heaving, flowing, breathing body that is individual in its expression. Always in motion, never static the gestures and forms morph into bodies and landscapes similar but never the same. Moving beyond the narrow lens of the female as the object, her forms rest on the edge of figuration, pushing into the realm of a feminine sublime where emotion translates through action and movement, constantly pointing towards the physical presence of the painted surface mimicking life.

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