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Sana Arjumand

Born in Karachi in 1982 she is a contemporary visual artist from Pakistan who has extensively shown internationally and locally. She graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore, in 2005. In her work she has touched upon a range of subjects such as gender politics, identity and religion. Her current body of work revolves around mysticism and spirituality, in which the Moon has become a metaphoric symbol of love and light.

Sana has had solo shows in NewYork, Sydney, and in major cities of Pakistan. She has also participated in group shows in London, New York, Hawaii, Seoul, Amman, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Her work has been represented several times in Dubai Art Fair, Indian Art Fair, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Art Basel Hong Kong, Flux Festival in London.

Sana Arjumand 5.jpg
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