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Dr. Mohsen Keiany

Dr. Mohsen Keiany is a highly experienced artist, art teacher and lecturer in visual arts with a PhD and post-doctoral in architecture from Birmingham City University, which specializes in rural and nomadic symbolic arts, crafts and architecture. He has his M.A. and B.A degrees in Fine Art (painting). Dr. Keiany is very much inclined towards multiculturalism and has always been interested in researching about different cultures and traditions, in particular art and architecture. Currently he is carrying out a research for BCU under the title of “Hidden Symbolism in Muslim Community in Birmingham”. He has taught Animation, Painting, Drawing, Illustration and Decorative Art in various schools, colleges and universities for more than 17 years. Over the years, he built a reputation as an award winning artist by having his work showcased at more than 70 national and international venues in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Dr. Keiany is the recepient of Individual Art Award (Yorkshire Art Council), Visual Arts Award (Arts Council England), Coley and Tilley First Prize (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists), Individual Art Award (Birmingham Arts Council) and Creative Ambition Award (West Midlands Arts). Dr. Keiany’s artwork is deeply influenced by his background. Historical, religious and cultural themes feature strongly, especially the influence of spirituality or Sufism (Erfan) in his art. His art contributes not just to the aesthetic pleasure that people experience but also enhances their understanding of diverse art traditions and the human condition.

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