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Manisha Gera Baswani

Manisha Gera Baswani is a painter/photographer, based in New Delhi. She completed her masters from Jamia Millia Islamic University, New Delhi in 1992 and studied under some big names of contemporary Indian art including the renowned artist A Ramchandran, whom she considers her mentor and guru. Her earlier works drew from Indian miniatures and Buddhist murals. Hollywood, MTV and icons such as James Bond and Elvis Presley, all shared her visual space on the canvas alog with insects, galaxies, ancient Indian murals and monuments. Nature became her primal force. It had been confined into tight parameters and insets in her earlier works. However, in the works produced thereafter, nature became regal and all-pervading. In Manisha's current journey, as a painter, man's entry into her scapes has become deferential and nature has yielded to such transgressions with benign grace. For her, experiences are episodical, threaded together by a language, personalized through memories, beliefs and values. Her works too are reflective of distinct phases of her life, each a separate chapter of an ongoing odyssey. Her current body of works takes us through one such chapter of her life where she is seen juggling between the roles of a professional (artist) and homemaker.

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