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Kishwar Kiani

Kishwar Kiani is a practicing sculptor and academic visual artist who recently graduated from the University of Arts London. She identifies her ‘true-self’ in order and chaos, through scaffolds and mazes. Her works vary from charcoal to metal, exploring ways to break away from the constraints of her learning. She identifies her surroundings as a gigantic scaffolding and in perpetual creative movement: building, renovating, elevating but also obliterating. As a recipient of the prestigious Chevening scholarship (2020 - 2021), Kishwar has exhibited both nationally and internationally with recent exhibitions in Saatchi Gallery London (2021), South London Gallery (2021) and Copeland Gallery London (2021). She was also a finalist for the Visual Art Open Prize 2022 show held at Unit 1 workshop gallery London and has recently won the Zaira Zaka emerging artist award 2022. Nowadays, she is busy creating the hyphen between destruction and creation.

Kishwar Kiani.jpg
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