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Irfan channa23.jpg
Irfan Channa

Irfan Channa (b. 1998, Shikarpur) graduated from NCA Lahore with majors in Painting in 2019. His work revolves are the wonders and mysteries of nature. His inspiration comes from his native place where he has grown up and has used bikes, buses, cars and trains as modes of transportation to travel to and within his hometown. With his keen observation, Channa freezes the moments of his surroundings and then transfers them onto his canvas. The moments are suspended in a distant time, or appear to come from the imagination of the viewer. From a distance, Channa’s artwork seems like a photograph captured with the camera lens, however, from close observation, one can see his exceptional skill of using graphite on paper. Channa has exhibited in group shows since his graduation and “Seen” is his first solo exhibition. He lives and works in Lahore.

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