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Dom Pattinson

Refining and nourishing his unpolished creativity as a younger man, Dom attended Winchester School of Art and graduated with a BA (Hons) and his post-graduate education saw him matriculate to the Glasgow School of Art to study for an MA which stoked a pursuit for a creative outlet and a platform from which to convey a very personal message. Dom creates sassy, provocative imagery that connects with everyone on different levels – a fundamental pillar of Urban Art. His work is often comprised of repeated stencil patterns using a pastel palette contrasted with bold black, interspersed with bursts of flavorsome color. Experimentation with printmaking, stenciling, spray-painting, collage and acrylics help him to capture his muse, which is nothing more than everyday life.

Domʼs paintings merge concepts laced with reminiscent connotations of wayward teenage-hood, with poetic motifs which more often than not, boast a wily and daring satire.

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